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Brace For Impact

It's gonna hurt, loves.

It's gonna hurt, loves.
My name is Renee.
I am twenty-one years of age.
I have a kick ass, gorgeous boyfriend.
I am a co-manager for a Journey's shoe store.
I go to Northern Essex Community College.
I major in Liberal Arts;Dance and Dance Education.
I love sign language.
I prefer Superman over Batman.
I love all types of music except for rap/hip-hop.
I think that loving someone is the most beautiful thing you can do with your life.
Blowing bubbles is a favorite pastime of mine.
I would kill to meet Roger Daltrey or David Gilmore.
I don't have many girlfriends, or many close friends.
I like to stay detatched from people so I don't get hurt.
I love watching movies.